The Edith Head Collection

ReelInternationally-acclaimed costume designer, Edith Head, was a fashion legend in her own time. Dressing a veritable "Whoís Who" of Hollywood, her elegant yet stylish work sparked fashion trends across America and influenced many of todayís top designers.

Edithís impressive career spanned six decades, earning her 8 Oscars, 35 Oscar nominations through her work on over 1,100 films. Universal Studios is proud to bring back the glamour and magic of Hollywood through the Edith Head Collection.

Edith Head Collection

Classic Designs of the Siver Screen The following are links to the dolls designed by Robert Tonner and Dressed in the Edith Head Collection.

Lady Come Cathrine Cleo Carol

Doll of Excellence

For Lady Lou from
"She Done Him Wrong"

The EDITH HEAD COLLECTION & 1998 June Van Dyke. EDITH HEAD & 1998 The Edith Head Estate and The Motion Picture and Television Fund. All rights reserved. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing, Inc.

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